30 unique stocking stuffers for your wife

stocking stuffers for your wife:

    1. Lingerie: It is one of the most romantic Christmas stockings for her.
    2. Cologne: A cologne or branded perfume is also available in a mini size which is easier to carry.
    3. Charm bracelets: It is one of the greatest pieces of jewelry that your wife will love to have.
    4. Headband: Depending on her hairstyle, a headband can make a great cosmetic accessory.
    5. Sexy stockings: Half leg stockings are available in a number of designs and she will love to have a pair.
    6. Massage oils: to let her enjoy her relaxation time, massage oils are a great deal of Christmas stocking stuffers.
    7. Glam quad: A complete cosmetic kit containing all the necessary stuff for daily use is certainly a great gift. For other cosmetic products for Christmas stocking get ideas on giftbeta.
    8. Easy chopper: Kitchen work can be made easy and time-saving with the easy chopper.
    9. Yoga mat: To make her yoga time special, present her with the yoga mat.
    10. Lip balm trio: Different flavors of lip balms are available in the pack of 3.
    11. Body scrub: A body scrub works wonder to nourish one’s body and she will love to receive it from you.
    12. Key holder: One of the most useful tools to have and also works as decoration.
    13. Love your apron: Aprons can be found in a number of designs, what about an apron with “love you” message written on it?
    14. Nail polish set: Another great cosmetic stocking stuffer idea for this Christmas.
    15. Metallic wallet: Unique by looks and handy by nature, a metallic wallet is a must have.
    16. Spoon set: For her kitchen, spoon set is a great present.
    17. Panties: Christmas panties can make one of the most intimate stocking stuffers for her.
    18. Sunglasses: To add to her looks, branded sunglasses will work wonders.
    19. Bobby pins: A must have in one’s cosmetic box, bobby pins.

  1. Phone case: A phone case with a romantic theme will make a great gift for a husband. More Romantic gifts ideas can be found on giftbeta.
  2. Kitchen gloves: To keep her safe from hot utensils, kitchen gloves are required.
  3. Hand balm: It comes in a variety of flavors. Buy her one which she does not have.
  4. Essential oil diffuser: Indeed it is a great element to have a stress free time.
  5. Fur scarf: these will not only keep her warm but will also look great on her.
  6. Gift cards: women always love to have gift cards in their stockings.
  7. Mini lipstick kit: Mini lipsticks are easy to carry in her mini handbag.
  8. A handbag: to carry the daily use stuff, a handbag is a must-have.
  9. Glowing mugs: These are the mugs with lights in them and glow in dark.
  10. Home spa kit: It will show your care towards her beauty and relief from a daily work.
  11. Body wash: Any flavor of body wash will work great.

For more unique ideas for Christmas stockings, stay tuned to giftbeta.